Lee-Anne Wann: 5 tips to keep the men in our lives healthy

Lee-Anne Wann
Lee-Anne Wann: 5 tips to keep the men in our lives healthy

September is a wonderful time to recognise the men in our lives and how much we appreciate them.

It’s also, I believe, a fabulous time to give them a wee nudge or slightly larger push and have them check out their health and look at their lifestyles to see if there are any small changes they could make that might ensure they are around for as long as we can possibly have them.

Looking at how to boost testosterone levels is a really great place to start, as men reach their mid-40s their testosterone levels begin to decline. This ever-increasing decline can have a wide range of adverse effects, both physically and psychologically, ranging from loss of precious muscle to challenges with blood sugar levels and insulin management, to altered sex-drive and even depression.

The great news is there are some simple, effective lifestyle and nutrition changes we can make to help remedy the situation.

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Watch the toxins

Minimise exposure to toxins as much as possible, in particular Bisphenol A. This toxic endocrine disrupter found mostly in plastics, canned foods, and thermal printer receipts, has been know found to block testosterone production in the testicles and to have potentially "feminising" estrogenic effects.

Say no to receipts unless you need them and consider changing your soap, aftershave, toothpaste or soap to chemical free options and avoid foods in plastic wrapping as much as possible


Check your Zinc levels

It is well known that zinc deficiency can lead to testicular suppression, including suppression of testosterone levels.

The male prostate actually has the highest requirement for zinc than any other organ within the body, indicating how important it is to the male reproductive system and hence testosterone levels.


Get a good dose of Vitamin C

This is a very important way optimise testosterone levels as studies show to may be able to regenerate testosterone. It’s also a fantastic antioxidant and all round good guy.


Get moving and lifting

Get out and get moving, or more to the point get lifting. Weight training is an excellent way to help with testosterone levels, so if you spend a lot of time doing cardio or aerobic-based exercise, consider swapping some sessions for the weights room or try some good old school body weight exercises such as press ups, squats and lunges.

Don’t forget your recovery though as weight training without it will lead to all sorts of problems.


Snack better

Increase healthy, natural fats into your diet such as olives, avocado, and nuts, and use these as snacks or additions to your meals.

These are very important for a balanced hormonal profile and production of hormones required for optimal testosterone levels, so throw away the chips and dip and try some olives and nuts for a snack.


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About the authorLee Anne Wann3

Lee‐Anne Wann is one of the most relevant and trusted health and fitness expert in New Zealand.

With over 30 qualifications, Lee‐Anne currently runs a private medicine and health practice, and is the team nutritionist for the Vodafone Warriors, U20 Team and Warriors Reserves Team. 




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