Frugal chef: 100 homemade dumplings for $13

Ryan Boyd
Frugal chef: 100 homemade dumplings for $13

It’s Chinese New Year, and while dumplings taste good any time of the year, now’s even more reason to roll some pasty and fill it with whatever goodies you like.

We asked our frugal chef Cindy Wang to show how she can make over 100 dumplings with quality fillings for as little as possible.

In the below video, she and her friend Camellia create four different flavours (beef and cabbage, prawn and mushroom, egg and chives, and mushroom and cabbage), including rolling out the dough.

“If you're short on time you can easily get the dumpling pastry from Asian supermarket for about $4.50 for 50 pieces,” Cindy says in the video.

“But if you make you from scratch you can easily make about hundred pieces for about $1.70.”

One thing that makes making dumplings at home so popular is that you can add the things that you like to eat in them, even if it’s something super simple.

“The thing about dumplings is they are so versatile,” Cindy says in the video. “You can add anything you like to it.

“My husband he likes to add mashed potatoes to it just mashed potatoes. He's a Kiwi.”

All in all, Cindy and Camellia made 110 dumplings at a total cost of $13.85, or about 13 cents each. Much cheaper than what the restaurants will charge, and very satisfying to know you created them.