Follow Sophie Pascoe’s road to Rio

Ryan Boyd
Follow Sophie Pascoe’s road to Rio

10 time Paralympic medallist and Westpac Ambassador Sophie Pascoe is currently gearing up for her third Paralympic Games, this time in Rio, and Westpac is right behind her.

The 23 year old Para-Swimmer has already won three gold and one silver in Beijing in 2008, and three more gold and three silver in London four years later.

In September, she hopes to add to that tally, and REDnews and Westpac’s social channels will follow Sophie’s journey leading up to the Games and also post updates on her races and results.

Read Sophie’s story below, but first, to kick off Westpac’s campaign to support her on her road to Rio, we made some videos with Sophie sharing the secrets of what it takes to become a world class athlete, from finding the right coach, to eating the right food.

Check back for more videos as we release them in the build up to Rio.

Race Day Ritual 

The Grand Canyon

With the Paralympics  just over a week away, Sophie took a moment to reflect on the task ahead at the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

The importance of the right coach

The diet of a champion

The drive to win

A typical day in the life

From trauma, a world class Para-Athlete emerged

When she was just two years old, Sophie was caught in the path of a ride-on lawnmower; her left leg was badly hurt and had to be amputated below the knee. Naturally this was a very traumatic time for Sophie and her family, but from that trauma, a world class Para-Athlete has emerged.

“It might sound strange, but it’s one of the best things that ever happened to me. If that hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t be where I am now.”

Christchurch-born Sophie enjoyed swimming, and at primary school she found that she could outswim her able-bodied friends. Her passion for swimming grew and the rest is history.

Now 23, Sophie, who is also a Westpac Ambassador, is deep in training to ensure her third games follow the same successful path as her previous times in Beijing and London.

Watch this space.


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