Dream Bank provides a glimpse into New Zealand’s future

Dream Bank provides a glimpse into New Zealand’s future

More than 10,000 dreams were shared by over 5000 kids on Dream Bank this year, part of Westpac and the Sir Peter Blake Trusts’ Red Socks Day celebration. 

“We’ve seen a strong focus on the environment, with one in three young Kiwis dreaming of solving key issues such as global warming, the amount of plastic and rubbish in our oceans and waterways, deep sea mining, and the survival of endangered species like our native kiwi,” said Shelley Campbell, Sir Peter Blake Trust CEO.

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Nine out of ten kids submitted a dream where they told us they wanted to help create a better New Zealand – whether through protecting the environment, tackling poverty and inequality, and being safer and healthier.   

Bullying was also a strong theme within dreams for New Zealand. Young people shared their own personal experiences of bullying and said they were dreaming of a “bully-free” New Zealand.

Westpac is ranked the world’s most sustainable bank, and is involved in many community initiatives that are aligned with these key themes – like our work with Sir John Kirwan around depression and mental wellness, financial education with Massey University, the Middlemore Foundation, Women of Influence, and the Attitude Awards.

Check out dreambank.co.nz to explore the key insights discovered, and see some of the amazing dreams. 

Some of the key trends and insights highlighted in the 2017 Dream Bank results are:

My dream for myself:

-  135 Kiwi kids dream of becoming ‘Youtubers’ – creating their own Youtube films and personas and traveling the world creating unique online content for their followers

-  The most popular dreams job overall were to be a vet, teacher, singer, doctor, YouTuber and designer.

-  The most popular sporting dream was to be a top rugby player or All Black, followed by netballer or Silver Fern and then soccer/footballer/All White

-  1 in 10 young Kiwis dreamed of having a job or role that made a difference, of being able to work with people in need, in underprivileged countries or for a charity.

My dream for New Zealand:

-  1 in 3 young Kiwis had an environmentally-focused dream for New Zealand

-  Over 50% of dreams for NZ were about improving New Zealand by reducing homelessness, poverty and being safer and healthier.

-  More than 300 young Kiwis had a dream for New Zealand that mentioned bullying, equality and being free of discrimination based on gender, sexual preference, race and religion

-  347 Kiwi kids wanted New Zealand to be the ‘happiest’ country in the world

SEE ALSO: VIDEO: Dream Bank to reveal what Kiwi kids are dreaming about

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