Cross-party Report on Climate Change Welcomed

Cross-party Report on Climate Change Welcomed

Advances in technology and reducing our reliance on pastoral farming are two of the things that could help New Zealand lower carbon emissions and meet its climate change commitments, according to a new report.

The study, entitled Net Zero in New Zealand, identifies scenarios under which New Zealand could meet its climate change commitment of net zero domestic emissions in the second half of the 21st century.

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The study was commissioned by Globe NZ, a cross-party grouping of 35 MPs and undertaken by London-based consultancy Vivid Economics


Karen Silk, Westpac NZ GM CC&I

Westpac NZ GM Commercial Corporate & Institutional Banking Karen Silk welcomed the report.

"There are two really important things about this report. Firstly, it outlines potential pathways to a lower emissions future for NZ in a way that takes the climate change discussion forward.

"Secondly, it is encouraging to see MPs from across the political spectrum working together to come up with ideas to solve one of our biggest long-term challenges.

"Cross party action on climate change would provide greater certainty for businesses and individuals looking to invest in low-carbon solutions."

The study identifies two main scenarios: ‘Resourceful NZ’ and ‘Innovative NZ’. The first highlights a change in land use with a far-reaching forestry programme. The second highlights far-reaching improvements in clean technology and a less intensive farming industry. 


Electric vehicles at charging station


A third scenario, ‘Off Track NZ’, foresees increasingly efficient economic activity but without any significant land-use change. Under this scenario neutrality does not occur until well after 2100.

Vivid identifies a fourth scenario, ‘Net Zero 2050’, under which it concludes it may be possible to reach neutrality close to 2050, but a detailed economic analysis has not been done.

The full report is available at:


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