BBQ Trailer hits streets of Whanganui

Luke Parker
BBQ Trailer hits streets of Whanganui

Westpac BBQ Trailer in Whanganui

With the biggest flood levels on record in Whanganui, it’s been all hands on deck with Civil Defence, NZ Police, NZ Army, as well as locals and volunteers from around the country pulling together in the mass clean-up.

And with all the physical, round-the-clock work and patrols, comes hungry stomachs.

This is where the Westpac BBQ Trailer is playing its part in the large-scale effort to help return the community to normality.

Westpac Manawatu Regional Support Beks Blenkiron says everyone's just wanting to do their bit to help, and feeding people is part of this.

“Our team got the barby cranking to feed lunch to approximately 120 emergency services staff and volunteers behind the 19 cordons. This was cooked at the command centre base and then distributed out by NZ Police using portable hotboxes from the Army.

Westpac BBQ Trailer in Whaganui with volunteer Westpac staff“We also left them with 60 'Westpac ration packs' and 96 bottles of water for night staff and volunteers guarding houses and cordons.”

Beks says the mobile barby was also utilised by the NZ Police who fed 140 civilians and staff, cooking up 40kg of chops plus potatoes and peas for dinner.

“The BBQ Trailer will continue to do the rounds through the streets of Whanganui to provide BBQ lunches for locals cleaning up their homes and any contractors that are still working near these homes in and around Anzac Parade.”

She says it will also be driven up to Waitotara, the worst hit area north of Wanganui, where Westpac staff will feed lunch to those who are volunteering at organised farm clean-ups.

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