Arts funding platform reaches $3m milestone

Arts funding platform reaches $3m milestone

Photo from Luke Di Somma – That Bloody Woman Cast Recording

New Zealand based arts-crowdfunding platform ‘Boosted’ has reached a significant milestone, raising over $3m for arts and creative projects in a sector typically dominated by competitive funding bodies. This impressive $3m contribution equates to over 22,857 donations across 568 projects in fine-arts, film, theatre, music, dance, writing, fashion, gaming and photography.

The platform, which reached its $2m goal some eight months ago, shows no sign of slowing down and has experienced 40% year-on-year growth since its inception in 2013.

General Manager Simone Hunter says the real secret to success is support and specialisation.

“At Boosted we specialise in one thing and we do it well. We do this with a very small but incredibly passionate team and this hands-on approach helps gives us a competitive edge over other crowdfunding organisations.”

And the approach is working, with Boosted maintaining an 84% success rate, one of the highest of its kind in the world. To put that in context, global mammoth Kickstarter sits at around 35.81% while New Zealand’s own Pledge Me sits at 50.9%.

As well as its highly successful ambassador program (a team of practicing artists who help guide and mentor project owners through their crowdfunding campaigns), Boosted also runs an education initiative through the Boosted School of Crowdfunding, a sponsorship and events off-shot In Good Company, and patron-led sponsorship platform Boosted 365.

This is all part of the organisation’s strategic approach to remain at the forefront of arts crowdfunding globally by leveraging their knowledge and building upon the platforms popularity.

Hunter says ‘we’re still very much a start-up, operating with very few resources but what we’re doing is working - we’re providing an alternative and people are responding to that so it’s our responsibility to stay current and remain at the forefront of this’.

Boosted has launched a campaign website to celebrate the achievement which you can experience by visiting


About Boosted

Boosted is a charitable trust that launched in March 2013 with the support of the Arts Foundation.

Unlike other websites which are rewards based, Boosted is a donor based crowd sourcing platform where donors are eligible for a 33% tax credit on their donations.

Artists list their projects on Boosted with a clear financial target. When the project reaches its target the artist receives the funded amount, and donors can claim their 33% tax credit for their donation. If it doesn’t reach the financial target, the project doesn’t go ahead and money is refunded to the donor.

The largest project was for Christchurch’s Isaac Theatre Royal with the funding matched by the Prime Minister’s Canterbury Earthquake Fund. It reached $370,000 in donor funding.

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