8 Xmas decoration tips and tricks

Ryan Boyd
8 Xmas decoration tips and tricks

Whether at home or the office, now is the time to festiv-ise everything. Here’s some ideas to help from around the web. 


Muffin tray advent calendar

Make your own advent calendar out of a 6x4 muffin tray. Just put a little something nice inside and cover it up with a piece of cardboard, and you have 24 days of goodies for the kids.

Source: Better Homes & Gardens

Muffin tray

Candy cane place card holder

Tie or glue two candy canes together to make a festive card holder. Simple, elegant, and good post-dinner treat.

Source: Minq.com

Candy cane holder

Revitalise your tree

After a few years, your artificial tree may be looking less than fresh. Bulk it up a bit by using green tinsel.

Source: Minq.com

Green tree

Coffee filter snowflakesSnowflakesSmall

True, it rarely snows at a Kiwi Christmas, but that’s no reason not to decorate with snowflakes. Even if you don’t have lots of these lying around, they are cheap and easy to get, fold, and cut into a unique snowflake.

Buzzfeed shows you how.

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Smart ornament storage

If you keep fining broken ornaments at the bottom of your boxes, maybe a safer storage method is in order.

Use plastic cups or egg cartons to keep them for next year.

Source: Minq.com

Ornament storage

Store Christmas lights without tangling them

Untangling the Christmas lights doesn’t need to be a time consuming annual tradition.

When you’re packing your tree down after Christmas this season, wrap them around a coat hanger. Your future self will thank you.

Source: Buzzfeed

Light wrap

Candy cane sleighs

Take 2 candy canes, some chocolate, and tie it all together with some ribbon and you’ll have these awesome sleighs.  

Source: Buzzfeed

Candy sled

Fridge snowmanFridgeSmall

Speaking of snow, all it takes is a bit of let over wrapping paper and some double sided tape to turn your fridge into Frosty.

Source: Buzzfeed


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