7 reasons to take up paddle boarding this winter

Ryan Boyd
7 reasons to take up paddle boarding this winter

While running one of the largest stand up paddle (SUP) companies in the world in California, Christchurch native Sam Loader knew Kiwis would be keen to take up “the fastest growing sport in the world”.

That's why when he came home in 2013, he set up the Pacific Paddle Company (PPC), an online designer, manufacturer and seller of boards built specially for New Zealand conditions.

Based in Christchurch but distributing to all of NZ and Australia, PPC encourage “anyone to grab one of our boards, go out and enjoy our unique oceans, rivers, and lakes that New Zealand has to offer.”

But there’s one catch: it’s almost winter.

Fear not, Sam says. Winter is in fact the perfect time to grab a board and hit the water.

He explained to REDnews why.


The conditions are better

In the winter there’s less wind, so you get glassier conditions around all the bays in New Zealand. The dead calm water makes it so much easier to paddle board.

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Perfect if you can’t get to the snow

If you’re not up the mountain, paddle boarding is the perfect cross-over sport for your ski muscles, or mountain biking even. It works your knees, legs, balance muscles, and your core.

So if there’s not too much snow this winter, head to the water instead.


It’s great exercise

You’re not just standing, enjoying the scenery while paddle boarding. It strengthens balance muscles as well as being cardio. You’re getting an overall anaerobic workout. It’s a really good all-rounder.

Plus you’re not stuck in a gym, you’re out and about, getting some fresh air.


Almost anyone can do it

Believe it or not, stand up paddle boarding is the fastest growing sport in the world, and I think that's because whole family can do it can do it. From great grandchildren to the grandfather. I was paddling with a 98 year old in California.


Winter sales

Speaks for itself really, but with PPC I design all the boards myself, specifically for New Zealand conditions, and sell to the consumer directly, so you cut out the middle man, and that’s reflected in the prices.

Other than a show room/storage location in Christchurch, we’re completely online with a new website just launched, and delivering to all of New Zealand, and recently Australia too.


New Zealand is the best country for SUP

New Zealand is the ideal location to do it in. When I was in California I thought to myself, New Zealand’s the best country in the world for paddle boarding, with seas, lakes and rivers. We’ve got lots of sheltered bays and sounds.

And if you’re in the northern regions, the water will easily be warm enough all year round too.


And finally, you’re more motivated to stay upright

With water temperature a bit lower than the summer months, you’re going to work your balance muscles a little bit more to stay out of the water.

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How to get into SUP

If stand up paddle boarding sounds like something you’re keen to find out more about, call PPC’s 0800 number (0800 400 118) for some no obligation expert advice on what sort of equipment will suit your needs.

Check out the new PPC website for more information. They're also on Facebook and Instagram.


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