13 minutes can make all the difference

13 minutes can make all the difference

It takes an average of 13 minutes to transfer patients via ambulance to Christchurch Hospital from Hagley Park – currently the only place a rescue helicopter can land.

The Maia Health Foundation says those extra minutes matter and can make a big difference for patients in life and death situations.

They have now launched the 13-minute helipad campaign pledging to raise $500,000 between March 3 and April 14 for a new rooftop helipad at Christchurch Hospital - New Zealand’s largest trauma centre and the only tertiary hospital in New Zealand without a helipad on site.

The foundation says a rooftop helipad will mean that life-saving measures can be provided instantly on touchdown at the hospital for trauma patients and a quicker transition to full care for routine transfers.

The use of helicopters for emergencies and patient transfers has increased 40% over the last three years.

Go to www.maiahealth.org.nz/13minutes to donate.

Māia Health Foundation - 13 Minute Helipad Campaign from Māia Health Foundation on Vimeo.

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