10 cool Dream Bank ideas that grabbed our attention

10 cool Dream Bank ideas that grabbed our attention

This year, Westpac teamed up with the Sir Peter Blake Trust to ask children about their dreams for themselves and New Zealand.

More than 5,000 kids responded, creating an online ‘Dream Bank’ of more than 10,000 ideas. Many let their thoughts run free and wild!

Here are 10 dreams that caught our imagination:

I would absolutely love to become a world famous barber. It would be a dream come true. I will put blood sweat and tears into it. I practise on my brothers and go to my local barber shop and just watch to try learn cool new tips.

11-year-old, Tasman


To be a world famous singer. I sing all the time at home but I don't like to sing in front of people, even my parents. My goal is to be more confident because if I do become world famous then I will have to sing in front of thousands. I will also be prepared to be followed by crowds.

11-year-old, West Coast

I wish my Mum can buy me a baby brother.

7-year-old, Northland

To study at Massey University and become a vet. When I become successful enough, I will offer discounted vet care to those living in poverty because everybody deserves to feel the benefits of having a pet by your side.

14-year-old, Waikato

To go back to Thailand and learn my language so I could talk to other people.

13-year-old, Auckland

I am a young Maori girl with a dream just like everyone else. My dream is to become a doctor because my whanau back home are finding it hard to understand some people. Like last night my Koro was on the phone with the administration lady of the Kaitaia Hospital, my Koro was asking if he could book an appointment for tomorrow not once could he understand a word that she was saying.

16-year-old, Northland


Invent a broomstick that flies, so Quidditch can become reality.

11-year-old, Wellington

To become a trained and well-educated Dentist. It sounds very weird but I like that sort of structure.

12-year-old, Canterbury

To become a lawyer and win an impossible case.

13-year-old, Auckland

Watch every single movie in the world on a segway with my pet orangutan while eating pizza and drinking sparkling Fiji water.

14-year-old, Canterbury

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