10 awesome tech gifts this Xmas

Ryan Boyd
10 awesome tech gifts this Xmas

Christmas shopping season has begun. And with new gadgets coming out all the time, REDnews compiled 10 of the most interesting, cool, and clever gadgets of varying price that would make great gifts.

If we missed something from your wish list, tell us in the comments below.


Touch screen glovesGloves

Not being able to use your smartphone because it’s chilly and you don’t want to take your gloves off is truly a first world problem. Or at least it was.

With conductive fibres, these gloves mean you can always check Twitter no matter what the temperature.

$9.95 from Notsocks.co.nz.


Virtual keyboardLaserKeyboard

Perfect for travellers, a laser keyboard can be paired via Bluetooth to any compatible device, such as tablet or phone, making typing much easier.

US$100 on Amazon.


Hoverboard (with wheels)HoverboardXmas

While the title may be a bit misleading as they don’t actually “hover”, the more accurate name of “self-balancing scooter” is not quite as catchy.

Basically they are less dorky versions of the Segway. Great for getting about town in summer.

Here’s a good review of the top models available, including prices and links to buy them from Amazon.


Smartphone projectorProjectoer

Who needs a 60” TV when you can stream video content through your phone and project it onto your living room wall? Or any wall, for that matter. 

$44.99 from Whitcoulls.

Waterproof Bluetooth speakerBT speakers

You’re out on the water and keen to crank some tunes, but worried about water damage? Get a waterproof Bluetooth speaker.

There’s a few to choose from. Here’s a review list.


Phone controlled paper planesPlane

Paper planes are great fun, but their flight plans are wildly unpredictable. Now you can control them with your smartphone. Clever.

US$49.99 from Poweruptoys.com.

Sphero BB8 Droid


Even before the new Star Wars film comes out, this cute droid is proving one of its most popular characters.

Controllable via smartphone and voice commands, this spherical droid can even create holographic recordings.

$279 from JB Hi-Fi.



RC camera copters are definitely going to be on many people’s, so expect to see the skies on Boxing Day filled with them.

But with every gift, a link to the CAA rules and regulations is advised.

Prices range from a few hundred to into the thousands.



Robot pets have come a long way since the Tamagotchi.

This android companion can be directed with hand gestures, and its personality changes depending on how you treat it.

$159 on Fishpond.


Remote control pillowPillow

A universal remote that’s also a pillow? Sure, why not.

US$39.99 on Amazon.





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