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Extensions: Add a level or extend underneath?

The cheapest way to get more space is horizontally, if you have enough room on your section and local restrictions allow it.

Landscaping on a budget 

Improve your garden for $500, $5,000 or $50,000 to revitalise the look of your property.

The 7 top renovation mistakes

When they go wrong, renovations can be enormously stressful, costly and time-consuming.

Photo of apartments

Opinion: Uncertainty rules housing market

Government initiatives to curb the rise in residential house prices has created massive uncertainty.

Opinion: No change is the likely current outlook for housing

Most economists are in agreement that house prices will continue to rise.

Low interest rates more influential on house prices than supply or migration

House prices are still set to boom in 2021.

How to decide on a property manager for your rental

As a property investor you have two options - manage your own rental or hire a manager.

Government commits itself to early action on housing

Housing will never be far from being in the headlines, says Peter Thompson.

What should you charge friends and family to rent your bach?

Expert recommends always maintaining 80% of market rental rate.

How much is that house really worth?

How to know you’re not wasting your time and money on places you can’t afford.