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Photo of Parnell townhouses

What the median house value really buys you

REDnews has taken a deep dive into the figures for property type and number of rooms.

Photo of Whangamata

Kiwis consider moving out of main cities as housing dreams change

New Zealanders want better lifestyles.

Photo of Auckland

OPINION: Don’t read too much into early property sales data

Commentators are quick to forecast where residential property prices will go.

Photo of Auckland housing.

OPINION: No answers in sight to housing challenges

The housing market has experienced another challenging year involving price increases.

Photo of a water tank

Everything you need to know about water tanks

Installing a water tank on your property can offer protection during times of drought.

Photo of Parnell townhouses

Can you change your property's capital valuation?

Many councils across New Zealand are preparing to release their new capital valuations.

Photo of the Tilsley Family

Inside one family’s journey to build a Passive House

Catriona and Toby Tilsley left Auckland to build their family a Passive House in Raglan.

Photo of Auckland

Opinion: Modest steps towards constraining price increases

Rising mortgage rates will start to attack one of the major influencers of house prices.

Photo of woman working from home

How WFH is changing our housing demands and physical activity

WFH households spent 7% more on housing for larger homes.

Photo of family after buying their first home

Shared equity scheme helps Kiwis struggling to save a deposit buy their first home

A new shared equity scheme has been unveiled by Kāinga Ora.