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But wait, there’s more…
The wearable technology industry continues to generate new and interesting ways to measure all things to do with your body. Wanting in is LEO, a project that has doubled its $US50,000 goal on crowd funding site Indiegogo. It’s a flexible leg band that measures motion, heart rate, muscle activity and hydration amongst other things. What makes LEO different is that it extracts biosignals directly from your body and can tell you when you need to drink, take a break or that a muscle is playing up. It’s pitched as “using the same equipment as your doctor but speaking the same language as your friends.”

Tech Crunch hosts one of the tech world’s more interesting showcases for start-ups with their annual Disrupt conferences. It’s where a select few launch their products and services on stage in front of potential investors, media and other interested parties for prize money and publicity. Creating a bit of buzz is Ansa, an app that allows you to delete text conversations on your phone and the phone of the person you’ve texted. Insurance for those 3am messages you wished you had not sent. Get a feel for Ansa and its 23 year old founder here.

Dodgy rides
Claims and counterclaims are flying in the USA between ride sharing rivals Uber and Lyft. Media report that as the two companies battle for dominance each are making claims that the other has been ringing their rival to book a ride and then cancelling. The spat comes after Lyft recently launched its service in New York.

Snapchat is now more popular than Twitter for millennial (18-345yos) smartphone users according to new research in the United States. The photo sharing and chat app is now used by 32.9% of that demographic and with only Instagram (43.1%) and Facebook (75.6%) ahead of it. Not so long ago, Snapchat turned down a $3 billion approach from Facebook.

After co-founding Twitter, Jack Dorsey set his sights on the payments industry with his 2010 start-up, Square. Things have not been plain sailing and Amazon’s launching of a new credit card reader in direct competition to Square is the latest hurdle. The introspection taking place by Dorsey and Square is nicely captured in this read that appeared in Fast Company this week.

Second wind
Remember Polaroid, the old school company known for instant photos? Well, in a brave move they’ve decided to take on GoPro and launched Cube. It shoots 1080p video and captures 3MP photos with a 124-degree wide angle lens. And it has a built in battery rechargeable via USB. Mounts and other accessories are available separately. Sells for $US100 and is available toward the end of September.

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