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Drawing doodles in 3D, a high tech beanie sure to cure your sleepless nights, an epic downhill mountain bike ride, and cops fighting crime with Google Glass all in this week's tech round-up.

Hearing aideHearing Aide

The uses of Google Glass for good keep growing with a new caption application that can make life easier for those with hearing loss.

Created by the Georgia Institute of Technology, the app takes spoken words captured on an Android device and projects them to the screen above the wearer’s eye, allowing them to read what other people are saying.

Here’s the app in action:


Doodle in 3D3Doodle

What’s more amazing: the pen that lets you “draw” 3D images? Or the fact that the product received $1 million in funding through Kickstarter in its first day?

3Doodler is a pen that allows the artist to create 3D objects by moving the magic pen in any direction; left; right; up or down. It's been used for home repairs, 3D art, gardening, home décor' and so much more.

This interview with co-founder Daniel Cowen sheds some light on how the idea for such a creation came about, and how they were able to raise so much, so fast.


Night capNight Cap

Not sleeping well is the number one cause of Grumpy Morning Syndrome (GMS) and but a new wearable device claims to make sleepless nights a thing of the past.

The Sleep Shepherd is a beanie equipped with sensors that monitor your brain activity and sends soothing pulse through your head, tricking it into thinking you’re rocking back and forth.


Smart StadiumSmart Stadium

Crowded bathrooms; long food lines; no parking. When the plans were drawn up for the San Francisco 49ers new $1.3 billion stadium, they wanted to get rid of the excuses people use for staying home while also embracing the nearby Silicon Valley culture.

The result? Levi's Stadium is home to the first mobile app designed to enhance every aspect of a fan's stadium experience. Steering fans to their parking spots, identifying the least-crowded restrooms, and ordering food to be delivered to your seat are just some of the features.


Raising the roofRaising the roof

If you needed any more convincing that crowdfunding was becoming super massive, Entrepreneur have reported that across the world, $2 million is sourced online every single.

That’s the equivalent of $87,000 per hour, or $1,400 every minute.

Not only that, but there’s currently 50,000 pledges to a crowdfunding campaign every day.

Thinking of starting your own campaign? This infographic is an analysis of all completed campaigns on Kickstarter and Indiegogo and has some insightful conclusions



Crooks in Dubai will soon find it even harder to evade police with the announcement detectives there are to be equipped with Google Glasses to fight crime.

The Glasses will initially be used to combat traffic violations and track vehicles suspected of involvement in motoring offences. A second phase would see the technology rolled out to detectives, where facial recognition software will identify if someone is wanted, alerting the officer wearing it.

Not terribly surprising considering some of the police cars there are Lamborghinis.  


Don’t look downIsle of Sky

Danny MacAskill's has been documenting his cycling exploits on YouTube since 2009, but this one may be his most awe-inspiring to date, tackling the notorious Cuillin Ridge in his native Isle of Skye with his GoPro and other video equipment.

No intro can do it justice, just sit back and enjoy.

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