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A drone on your wristNixie

A camera drone that straps onto your wrist like a watch has won Intel’s $US500,000 crowdsourcing competition, Make It Wearable.

Nixie detaches from your wrist, shoots into the sky, can take a photo and fly right back to you.  Still a prototype, Nixie is the brainchild of Stanford researcher Christoph Kohstall and Jelena Jovanovic, formerly of Google.

It’s expected to be feather-weight, and have a panorama mode for aerial 360 degree photos,  a so-called “boomerang” mode for taking shots at programmed fixed distances from the owner, a “follow me” mode, and a “hover” mode for near-impossible high shots all in HD.

More than 500 entries were received with one of the key conditions being that each new wearable used Intel microchips. Check some of the other great entries out.

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The Starwood (Sheraton, Westin) and Hilton hotel groups are looking to technology in their battle against AirBnB and the like, with both groups confirming guests will now be able to use their smartphone to unlock their hotel room doors.

The concept is designed to eliminate waiting in the queue to check in, allowing guests to complete the procedure digitally and go straight to their room.

Starwood has just gone live with the programme in Beijing, Hong Kong, New York, Los Angeles, and Doha. Hilton will be live for 600,000 rooms across the world in 2015.


App Corner

Some new iPhone and iPad apps have caught the eye.

Just add audio

Just add audio lets you easily add royalty-free music to your home videos and slideshows, with more than 1,200 songs spread across eight moods. It’s not the greatest editing tool, but it’s the royalty free music that’s the winner.


Code School

Being able to code is becoming one of the most sought after skills. Code School is a popular e-learning site for developers of all skill levels, and now it has an iOS app that lets users watch more than 300 instructional videos on everything from JavaScript and HTML/CSS, to Ruby on Rails and Git.


Skype Qik

Skype has entered the instant video message game with Skype Qik. Each video clip lasts two weeks and videos can be erased by the sender at any time.


Google Fit

Android users need not feel left out. Google’s much talked about fitness app, Google Fit, has joined the crowded space.

It taps into sensors already in the Android phone and allows you to set daily goals. It’s sleek and trimmed to the bare essentials and getting reasonable reviews.



Tin Type is an under-rated app that gives you US Civil War type selfies. It got a boost last year when various TV and movie stars were highlighted in Esquire magazine.

Now there’s an app for creating tintype prints that allows you to adjust everything from eye intensity to grain. Differently something different.


Dude PerfectPerfect Dude

Dude Perfect is one of the biggest brands on YouTube; 5 friends who got together to film crazy stuff to put a smile on your face.

If you haven’t heard of them, they started just 4 years ago and have racked up over 195m views on their channel and have over 2 million subscribers.

They have worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies and are favourites on the TV talk show circuit. Their latest offering will show you why. It’s typically cool.


Pictures speak a lot of words all rightElephants

Some great footage of bull elephants has been captured by a GoPro in a national park in Zimbabwe.

Tourists left the camera by a watering hole hoping to capture wild dogs coming down to drink. Instead, a couple of bull elephants wandered by and started trying to figure out what it was, one even taking the camera into its mouth before spitting it out and stomping on it.

Modern high speed cameras are allowing us to capture amazing photos nowadays. This gallery has a great range of shots from breaking eggs, exploding strawberries through to wild life. Of course, in days gone by with less sophisticated cameras some amazing shots were still caught. This one from 1999 is a good example.


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