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Big claim that the best GoPro video yet has recently been made, just what is Apple going to announce next week, and the perfect app to get your kids to return your call are among the latest tech happenings.

Apple logo black

Apple – about to take the next big byte?

Conjecture continues to swirl on exactly what Apple will be announcing on September 9th. Even Time Magazine has succumbed to the hype.

One recurring suggestion is that the iPhone 6 will be NFC capable, a first for Apple. If that proves to be right, then the mobile payments space could be the next sector Apple disrupts. It has 800 million+ iTunes account holders and patent applications for a mobile transaction service.

"Apple has again the opportunity to transform, disrupt and reshape an entire business sector," said Roger Entner, a consultant at Recon Analytics. "It is hard to overestimate what impact Apple could have if it really wants to play in the payments market."


The Beat goes onbeats logo

Recent research underlines why Apple splashed out $US3 Billion to buy Dr Dre’s Beats streaming music service and the sister headphones company.

UK based analyst Mark Mulligan released a report called The Streaming Effect that claims 70% of all digital music revenue will come from streaming by 2019.

Of consumers who use music streaming services, 23% used to buy one album or more a month from digital download platforms but no longer do so.


Best Go Pro ever?Surfing

Big call given all the amazing vision GoPro is enabling people to capture, but the clip below capturing a terrific ride in an amazing barrel has been touted as the best GoPro so far.

Nevertheless, in terms of sport, a big call to give it No. 1 over say this amazing ride or Matthias Giraud.


App Wrap

Ignore no moreignore no more logo

Tired of the kids not taking your call when they’re out and about? Well, a Texas mum has developed an app for that: Ignore No More.

Frustrated at that feeling most parents have when the teenagers refuse to pick up, she hit the computer, did some research and came up with the idea of being able to lock the kid’s phone through an app. The only way it can be unlocked is by calling back.

It’s currently only available for Android but an iOS version is in the works.

product hunt logo

Product Hunt

Want to know what the next cool product is before anyone else? Then Product Hunt is for you.

Originally started as a link exchange between friends in late 2013 to keep up with the avalanche of new products, apps, websites and everything else, the community became so enthused that an app has been made.

Each day, the new things that have caught the eye of the crowd are available. Worth giving a try.

Tennis TunesUS OPEN CIRCLE LOGO 640x360

There has been a new twist to the US Open with tennis fans able to tune into streaming music made from the action on court.

IBM came up with the idea as a way to highlight the capabilities of the cloud launching an app on the US Open website.

It's interesting listening to the contrast between a Federer and Djokovic game.


The Printing Revolution3d printed vertebra

The things people are doing with 3D printing continues to astonish. In China, a 12yo boy suffering from cancer in his spine has had a 3D generated vertebrae inserted into his back.

Underlining how far reaching the potential is to disrupt manufacturing as we know it, Time reports that two 3-D printed rocket injectors were recently successfully tested by NASA.

These powerful injectors mix liquid nitrogen and hydrogen to produce a combustion that can reach temperatures over 6,000 degrees Fahrenheit and generate over 20,000 pounds of thrust.  Check the video out.


Google’s Drone mission


And the best long read for tech heads comes from the American mag The Atlantic.

It has an exclusive look inside Google’s drone programme and looks at just how they want to fill the skies.

Big company, big plans. Bit scary.

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