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An eccentric billionaire, the truth behind Facebook boasts, a bike that evolves to suit your style, and Windows snubbing the number 9.

Facing the factsFacebook Like

If you find yourself getting a little jealous of Facebook friends posting lovey-dovey pics all the time, stop it. A new study reveals that the more people boast about their relationship online are actually more insecure about their partner’s feelings towards them.

In fact, the more insecure and anxious someone is in general, the more likely they are to tell all their friends how in love they are.

“I wasn’t really surprised by the results,” says one of the study’s authors, Lydia Emery. “People can choose what image of themselves to convey on Facebook, so it’s intriguing that people seem to emphasise their relationships in that image when they’re feeling insecure about them.”


A chat with an eccentric billionairePeter T

PayPal cofounder and billionaire investor Peter Thiel pays entrepreneurial kids to drop out of college, is building a floating, autonomous island, and has just released a book, ‘Zero to One: Notes on Startups or How to Build the Future,’ where he argues “monopolies drive progress” and “competition is for losers.”

He may be many things, but he is not dull, which a recent interview with Business Insider proved conclusively.

“Most business books tell you how to compete more effectively. Mine suggests that you should consider not competing at all — the key to every successful business is to do something unique to get to the monopoly,” he told Business Insider.

Fascinating read. Check it out.


Windows skips 9, goes straight to 10Windows Logo

Microsoft, for whatever reason, have skipped the number 9 announcing their next OS will be named Windows 10.

Windows 8 was a massive leap from previous versions and received a mixed response, and 10 looks to build on that model, so the tile interface appears it’s here to stay.

Microsoft will offer a "technical preview" of Windows 10 to early adopters now, with a full public release expected mid-2015.


The cycle of evolutionCycle Evolution

Priority Designs and Cannondale have joined forces to create a cutting-edge concept bike that transforms to change shape as you ride it. Known as the Continuously Ergonomic Race Vehicle (CERV), the forkless, chainless, and dynamically adjustable bicycle features a unique “dynamically adjustable headset that moves both fore-and-aft and up-and-down” while a cyclist rides it.

The system is designed so that the rider is always in an optimal position based on the terrain that they are riding on.

A prototype has now been made in the US, but will still be a while before it’s on the roads.


Buy overseas, pay lessBackpack Logo

The internet has made it great to buy things that are cheaper in other countries, but often once you add in the cost of freight, the difference doesn’t make it worth the effort.

Backpack is here to help by pairing buyers up with travellers willing to chuck something extra in their luggage.

How it works is, say you’re in good ol’ NZ but the new camera you want is cheaper in the US. Backpack finds someone already planning to come here and gets them to pick up the item for you before they leave (for a fee of course).


App corner


Long emails are not suited to mobiles, and MailTime makes sure you’re not guilty of any email crimes.

The app removes extraneous info, like date and time, making it look more like a text conversation than email thread.

And if your email is too long and unlikely to be read, it will tell you to change it.

Cost: Free

Availability: iOS


DelvvDevv app

There’s so much content online, it’s impossible to keep track of all the sites and articles you want, especially since you have to trudge through piles of stuff you’re not interested in.

Delvv is touted as one of the best aggregators out there, collating new personalised content from a huge array of sites to your device each day.

Cost: Free

Availability: Android and iOS


ManualManual Camera app

The cameras on phones these days are amazing, but they take away from the joy of manual photography, don’t they?

Manual removes the automation from your phone’s camera and makes it all about the settings you set yourself.

If you’re a photography beginner, be prepared for a steep learning curve though.

Cost: $1.99

Availability: iOS


Keeping track of kidsLineable

Let’s face it, kids love to wander off. Lineable is a location tracking bracelet hoping to make lost kids a thing of the past.

Currently seeking funding through Indiegogo, Lineable has some very good selling points, most prominent of which is the price: US$5. It also claims it can also go an entire year without needing a recharge.

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