Christchurch in Numbers

Christchurch in Numbers

February 22 will mark 5 years since the Christchurch earthquakes rocked the city.

A lot has happened since then as the city continues to rebuild and grow in many different sectors.

We asked Christchurch & Canterbury Tourism for stats pertaining to Christchurch over the past 5 years and this is how they stacked up:

Rebuild worker

- The Canterbury economy has grown 31% in the past five years.

-  The Canterbury rebuild is the largest economic undertaking in New Zealand’s history, and is likely to continue at pace for another three-four years.

-  The cost of the rebuild is estimated at $40 billion.

-  436,056 people living in greater Christchurch at the 2013 Census.

-  Tourism is worth $3.7 billion per year to the Canterbury economy. The city has recovered 46% of international visitor numbers lost as a result of the earthquake.

-  Building consents issued for non-residential work in August 2015 totaled $384.4m, 57% of the national total. By comparison, in August 2014 the total was $115.4m and August 2013, $51.2m.

-  An additional 110,000 square metres of central city floor space will be completed within two years, accommodating 10,000 office workers in the central city by late 2016 or early 2017, growing to 12,500 to 15,000 by Christmas 2017.

Christchurch airport

 -  Christchurch Airport expects 6.1 million passengers to pass through its domestic and international terminals in the 2016 financial year, up from 5.93m in the year to June 30 2015.

-  The Australian Holiday Market was up 1% over the same period with 106,320 visitors.

-  The China market has seen the most growth with 23,200 arrivals into Christchurch, a 52% increase. 

Christchurch-Cafe -  There are now 303 commercial accommodation properties in Christchurch equating to 11,660 beds.

-  International commercial guest nights were up 7% in Christchurch YE October 2015 compared to previous period. Domestic guest nights were up 4%.

-  There are more than 800 cafes and restaurants in the city, nearly as many as there were pre-quake. New businesses continue to open every month.

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