Owl Farm: Demonstrating sustainable, profitable futures in dairy

Ryan Boyd
Owl Farm: Demonstrating sustainable, profitable futures in dairy

With our dairy industry such a massive part of our economy, it’s important farmers have the knowledge about what works best and what doesn’t.

That’s where Owl Farm come in.

Based in Cambridge in the Waikato, Owl Farm is a demonstration dairy farm (sorry, there’s no actual owls there) that tries different ways of doing things, and then publishes all their findings for the public.

This means farmers don’t have to spend years on trial and error to find out which grass is the best one to grow.

They also closely monitor environmental impacts, in particular the amount of leaching that comes off the farm and into waterways. The Owl Farm team have had great success in this area, but still believe there is more progress to be made.

Owl Farm will be exhibiting at the 2018 Mystery Creek Fieldays, so if you’re headed there, make sure you pop over to find out a bit more about the fascinating endeavour.

Here the farm’s Demonstration Manager Louise Cook talks us through how the farm got started, initiatives the farm is undertaking, and shares some of their promising findings.

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