Nurture Change gives Kiwi SMEs chance to re-focus

Ryan Boyd
Nurture Change gives Kiwi SMEs chance to re-focus

Owning and running a business is an immersive experience and it’s important to be involved in the nitty-gritty. However, you can never underestimate the value of taking a step back to look at the bigger picture and plan for the future with a clear head.

In November last year, the Westpac Business Growth Grants gave 6 Kiwi SMEs an opportunity to do exactly that.


Clearing some headspace

At the ground breaking Nurture Change retreat in Fiji, the businesses heard from a range of inspiring speakers which included Sir Graham Henry and Victoria Crone from Xero.

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Ryan Sanders from Haka Tours, who won the $50,000 Westpac Growth Grant, was one of the attendees. He says the highlight was, “Meeting all the super positive, driven people across a diverse range of businesses who all had a strong passion for their business.

“It was great to share stories, network and take the time to really strategically think about Haka Tourism Group.”

Ryan Check2

Ryan from Haka Tours accepting his $50,000 Westpac Growth Grant

The retreat allowed headspace for many to re-think their business direction and inspired them to strive for more.

“Whilst I have always positioned myself away from the coal face of my business,” Ryan says, “I still get tied up operationally, so having dedicated time away to evaluate and strategize was so valuable.

“The most valuable things I took away from it were the need to refine and better communicate our brands core values, the preparation needed for effective networking, and also understanding that balance between my work life, physical wellbeing and my family is paramount.”


The difference between success and failure

The retreat was organised by business coach Zac de Silva and entrepreneur Steve Pirie, who are both big fans of getting out of the office.

“I personally work with hundreds of NZ businesses of all shapes and sizes,” Zac says, “and if I was to rule a line through those that are super successful today, those that are on their way, and those that struggle, there is one main factor that is the difference between success or not: quiet time. Thinking time. Chill time. Learning time. Self-critique time.

“That quiet time to think is what most successful companies have in common. Do you have that sort of ‘free time’ to identify what you should (or shouldn’t) be doing?”

SEE ALSO: 6 reasons why you should get out of the office

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