Meet Growth Grants finalists MAXRaft

Ryan Boyd
Meet Growth Grants finalists MAXRaft

Recently we announced the six diverse – both in geography and industry – SMEs that will be competing for a $50,000 Business Growth Grant in September.

To get to know each of the businesses a bit better, we are doing short profile pieces on each of them.


Warm, healthy homes from the foundation up

Founded in Queenstown, MAXRaft is the only fully insulated concrete slab available in New Zealand. 

Their patented MAXRaft edge profile is unique to market and has thermal resistance more than 3 times the building code to prevent heat loss at the edge of your slab, where 80% of slab heat loss occurs.

Their slabs are so good, they can help your home achieve a Homestar rating of 7 Stars and above, as well as save you hundreds a year on heating bills.

Delivering their ready to install slabs nationwide, many builders and housing companies, including Housing New Zealand, see MAXRaft as a point of difference and a superior way to build new homes, leading to a number of large projects around the country.

Check out this time lapse to see them in action.

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