Hamilton chippers ‘Hansforming’ landscapes for good

Ryan Boyd
Hamilton chippers ‘Hansforming’ landscapes for good

What started as a bit of backyard engineering has turned into Hansa, an innovative family business that sells 3,000 chippers a year around the world.

It all began in Hamilton in 1981 when Manfred Vogel saw a gap in the market for high quality wood chippers, and after a lot of trial and error, the first Hansa chipper was sold.

Now, 38 years later, his son Martin runs the business, which has been with Westpac for 36 years now, and have sold over 24,000 chippers. But with a big plans, they have set themselves an ambitious goal.

“Our overall greatest imaginable challenge is to have 100,000 chippers ‘Hansforming’ landscapes for good by 2025.

That term, ‘Hansforming’, comes up a lot in our conversation, and forms an important part of the company’s purpose.

“Our purpose is ‘Hansforming’ landscapes for good. ’Hansforming’ is all about the Hansa engineering magic that makes our products what they are.”

With constant demand for the products, combined with plans to enter more international markets, Hansa is currently having a new much-larger production built just down the road from their current Hamilton base.

“It will future-proofed us with initially a larger manufacturing capabilities, but also the ability to expand again so we don’t have to shift again,” Martin says.

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