Getting the Rainbow Tick of approval

Getting the Rainbow Tick of approval

In a nod to our focus on diversity and inclusion, Westpac NZ has received the Rainbow Tick accreditation for the fifth year running. 

"With the Rainbow Excellence Awards coming up in May that we're a Platinum Sponsor of for the first time, this re-accreditation is a timely reminder of the focus Westpac places on a safe and inclusive workforce," says Westpac Senior Learning Facilitator and GLOBAL Employee Action Group (EAG) Co-Chair Kelvin Gove.

Michael Stevens from Rainbow Tick says Westpac has "done amazingly good work in maintaining and promoting the work of the Rainbow Tick, and embedding the ideas of the Rainbow Tick within the organisation.

"Westpac was one of the first organisations to get the Rainbow Tick nod, and were the first organisation to meet the basic requirements without requiring major input from us, and have gone from strength to strength every year.

"One of the things that Westpac’s done really well in the past 12 months is pushing this out into the regions more. It’s quite easy to do this work in the big cities, but there’s been more success in getting this out into regional offices."

The report gives a detailed analysis of how Westpac is tracking, and shows where there's still work to do. There were many highlights in the report, including the mention of the dedication our GLOBAL EAG has.

The report said the members of the EAG have "consistently and sincerely worked to further the aims of the programme and embed this area of diversity and inclusion in to the organisation's DNA. Their work continues to be one of the highest standard and sets an example for others to follow".

They also mentioned the clear support of our leadership team and that they respected Westpac's decision to pull out of the Auckland Pride Parade following the ban of police marching in their uniform. They supported the decision because of the inclusive way it was made, underpinned by the alignment of Westpac and the GLOBAL EAG's values.

"This report is something we should all feel proud of, showing potential staff that this is a workplace with a culture of inclusion where people can be themselves. We will now take this report and use it to help form the EAG's strategy and objectives for the coming year," says Kelvin.

If your business is interested in becomming rainbow Tick certified, Michaels says the beneftis are clear. 

"The Rainbow Tick brand has become a really strong brand in demonstrating to potential staff that this is a workplace with a culture of inclusion. Where people can be themselves.

"We’ve got 70 organisations that have the Rainbow Tick, and about another 20 that are going through the process at the moment."

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