Champion Canterbury Business Awards breaks records all round

Peter Townsend, Chief Executive, Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce
Champion Canterbury Business Awards breaks records all round

The 13th annual Champion Canterbury Business Awards broke records all round - 196 entrants, 51 finalists, 35 judges and a massive 1,330 passionate Canterbury business supporters in attendance at the awards ceremony held on 16 September.

Together with stakeholders and supporters, including Westpac as one of the award’s principal sponsors, the Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce pulled off another outstanding success.

These awards stand out as the pinnacle of New Zealand awards. Why?

  • Well we can proudly say they are amongst the best organised and most polished (with a big commitment by a lot of people to make them work well).

  • The awards ceremony is also a blend of high tech audio visual presentations, good entertainment and a spectacular display of business acumen in Canterbury.

  • But in my opinion the underlying reason for the success is that our community has learned to celebrate the interdependency between a robust cutting edge business sector and a healthy community. You simply cannot have one without the other and here in Canterbury, more than anywhere else, we get that.

So another proud display of high quality world class businesses and business people making a strong statement about the future of business in Canterbury. Congratulations to them all and bring on 2016!


Peter Townsend

Chief Executive, Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce

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