Bees Up Top: Bringing beehives to city rooftops

Ryan Boyd
Bees Up Top: Bringing beehives to city rooftops

Jessie Baker says she has the best job in the world.

As the founder of Bees Up Top, Jessie rescues beehives from extermination and rehabilitates them at her beehive sanctuary in Bethells Beach in West Auckland.

Once healthy, Jessie rehomes them on Auckland city rooftops, including on Westpac’s Britomart office.

“Bees just do such an important job for us,” Jessie says.

“One third of the world’s food is pollinated by bees. If we didn’t have bees, we’d be living on grains and rice.”

How it works is when Jess hears about a swarm of bees that would otherwise be exterminated, she comes to their rescue and removes them for free.

“I rush to the location, get those bees into a box, and bring them out to the bee sanctuary. And then I wait for a business to contact me, and then I rehome the bees on their rooftop.”

The added bonus for businesses that house the hives is that come collection time, they get to keep the honey.

Last year, Westpac sold its honey and all the proceeds went to the Auckland City Mission.

“So if you find a swarm of bees, don’t call the exterminator,” Jessie says.

“Call Bees Up Top and we will rescue them for free.”

Furthermore, if you are an Auckland business with a spare balcony or rooftop, Jess would be happy to find some bees who would love to make it their home.

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