6 tech tools to win at job hunting

Ryan Boyd
6 tech tools to win at job hunting

If you’re tech savvy and hunting for a new job, you’ve probably got the basic essential apps like Seek and LinkedIn loaded already.

But there’s a whole heap more digital tools you could be using to grow your network, refine your skills, and target the right jobs.

So before you flick off your CV, you may want to check out the following apps and websites.

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Get an online presence

When dozens or even hundreds of people are applying for the same role, you need to stand out from the crowd, and a MS Word CV probably won’t cut it.

With a web-based CV with personalised design and interactive elements, you can have a stylish online presence to share with anyone easily, plus get analytics on who is looking at it.

There’s a few good free ones out there, but if you want to really wow prospective employers, paid services like Workfolio will absolutely make you stand out.


Build the best resume

You’ve got the platform, now you need to make sure the content in your CV is top notch.

Apps like Resum8 and CV Builder Pro and websites like I Need a Resume walk you through the ins and outs of each section of your CV to make sure you create the ideal picture of yourself.

Once you think you’re happy with it, do a review using a scorecard to see just how effective it really is.


Identify the best job for you

Need a bit of help figuring out which jobs you want to target? Perhaps it’s time for a change but you’re not sure what to just yet? Career planning appsto the rescue!

Easy Career Planning and HTCampus Career Planner are just 2 options available that not only help you put a job title on your dream, but also plan a path on how to get there.

Workfolio examples

Examples of online resumes from Workfolio

Scout your potential employers

Before you send off your resume, make sure it’s to a company you would want to work for.

Glassdoor is a review app (iOS and Android) kind of like Yelp, but designed for employees who can review their companies.

Is it a good company to work for? What’s the culture like? Is the pay good? These are the questions Glassdoor may be able to help answer about the places you’re targeting.


Prepare for the interview

You’ve got the interview, now to make sure you don’t blow it. Be prepared for the curly questions with Interview Prep Questions app (free on iOS and Android).

The app not only throws tough questions to you, but allows you to record your answers so you can hear them back, and also has a pro answer them so you can see what the closest thing to a “right” answer is.

Another option: 101 Great Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions.


Manage the entire process

If you want a personal relationship manager for your career search, try the Good Job app.

All your employment opportunities can be saved, tracked, and managed, plus you will never forget where your CV has been sent and who the contact person there is.

If you prefer a browser based platform, Jibber Jabber provides a similar service.


Plenty more you can do

Whatever the stage of the job hunting process you’re in, there’s probably an app for it. Do your research, try a few out, and see what fits for you.

Got any you’d recommend to others? Tell us in the comment below.

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