6 tech jobs of the future not yet invented

Ryan Boyd
6 tech jobs of the future not yet invented

User experience analyst, social media strategist, app developer, and data miner are all jobs that didn’t exist 10 years ago which are now commonplace.

Technology is reshaping our lives and with that IT workers are seeking better and higher salaries around the world. Coding is being touted as a key skill of the future and the importance of data is only just being recognised.

So, in such a fast moving industry, what are the key IT jobs of the future that haven’t yet been invented? Three New Zealand techies look into the crystal ball …..

John Ballinger – Director of BluesparkJohn B Pic


Biometric Data Miner

With the huge number of wearable devices collecting a large wealth of information, this role will be to combine all available data sources and build analytical tools to evaluate health and medical risks in the near future.

For example, we are combining data from FitSit, the latest wearable that evaluates how long you have been sitting down and inactive.

A Biometric Data Miner with experience working in health insurance can then categorise clients based on the health risks and life expectancies. 

Voice Interface Designer

Our company is looking for a Voice Interface Designer (VxID)to work on our latest voice app on for Google Shades. The role will be to design, test and build prototypes for our voice payments system VoxPay.

Using natural language, head, eye and full body gestures, the app will allow people to exchange Vox Pay credits simply by shaking hands + winking twice with your left eye + tilting your head to the left while saying. "Ok VoxPay”. 


Michael Dutton – Senior Experience DesignerMichael profile pic


Digital Enabler

For those who are late to the social media party, a Digital Enabler will help them understand their options. With over forty social networking sites, how does one know when to use Twitter versus LinkedIn, when do you use a “#” versus an “@”?

A Digital Enabler will work with you to understand your goals and how to create the appropriate online identity and take control of your digital identity.

Chief Digital Officer

Companies will need a CDO who is a peer to the rest of the C-Suite to ensure that external technical evolutions in design and user experience can be delivered to customers across channels both internally and externally.

Unlike the CIO role which is traditionally internal-facing and focused on providing a stable computing environment, it’s not about infrastructure for the CDO, it's owning the digital experience and capitalising on possibilities.  

Some companies have already made waves this area, but their frequency and level of influence is likely to increase exponentially.


Mark Dangerfield – Senior Manager InnovationMark D grey small


Mass aggregators

New players will create services to allow a customer’s whole digital life to be managed from one place. One password, one feed of your whole online experience.

These aggregators will work both in partnership with the original providers (where available), but will also take/steal data (screen scraping etc.) where no agreement has been achieved.

Who wins this race creates both a highly desirable product – but the risks are great too.

Sales Scientists

Whilst traditional sales roles have been much about the banter and the relationships, a new age sales person is all about the analysis.

Sales Scientists will interrogate every aspect of the customer information to optimise the revenue opportunity. It’s more akin to a strategic game of chess than a charm offensive.

People who do this well will be a sought after as a powerful commodity. In this environment a single person could affect sales exponentially.    


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