6 apps to help be more productive at work

Luke Parker
6 apps to help be more productive at work

We can organise and order food, clothes, hotels, and taxis, aggregate our news, find fitness programs, and music, and do a myriad of other regular activities via apps on our mobile device.

But what is out there to help you be the best you can between 9-5? REDnews has come up with these 6 to keep you on top of your game.

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Asana is a project/communications management tool that lets those working on a project share and manage work without using email.

The apps allows you to create, assign, and comment on tasks so everyone knows what's getting done and who's doing the work, keeping all the ideas, plans, files, and conversations in one place.

Asana offers all the right tools for managing teamwork, light collaboration, and tasks such as deadline settings, priority and label options, and a flexible and nimble work environment. 

Price: Free for teams up to 15 then scales up in price to a maximum of $US100 for 800 members.

Available: iOS and Android


Focus Lock

If you need to get things done but your phone is chirping, buzzing, or just tempting you with your friends’ Instagram photos or new tweets and Facebook posts, Focus Lock will block them all so you don't have to use your limited willpower resisting the urge.

Focus Lock lets you select the specific apps you want to lock out and set a timer for when they will unlock, so you don’t have to turn off all of your notifications, put your phone in Airplane Mode, or turn it off.

Price: Free

Available: Android



If you need help managing your contacts, perhaps you should try Contactzilla. This web app works with your existing workflow and devices and is designed for teams and businesses. 

After importing your contacts, it takes a couple of minutes to set up your phone, tablet and PC to sync all of your contacts seamlessly. You can then share address books with your groups for free.

Price: Free 30-day trial and then a varying cost scale dependent on what features and how many users.

Availability: Web based with iOS and Android apps to support contact importing


My Minutes

For those that need some time management help, My Minutes is a personal time tracking app for your iPhone.

You can set the minimum or maximum amount of time you want to put into a task and the days on which your task repeats, getting reminders when the task nears.

The app gives you a notification when you've hit a goal or when you're close to going over one, cutting down on wasted time which you can spend being more productive.

Price: Free

Availability: iOS


Bizz Card

Are you still handing out paper business cards?

Bizz Card is a digital business card you can send people with a simple swipe. If you have an existing card, you can capture the image to send electronically, or you can create a new one. This app is meant pretty much just for giving out your card, not for managing cards from other people.

Price: Free

Available: iOS

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