5 websites entrepreneurs need to check out

Ryan Boyd
5 websites entrepreneurs need to check out

Starting a business requires juggling a million things. Luckily there are some online resources designed specially to making owning a business just that bit less complicated.



HandsOn.TV is a video library of clips featuring successful entrepreneurs and other industry insiders who share their insights, observations, and tips for budding business owners.

Features a host of big names and helpful how-to guides, such as:

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No one starts a business because they like doing invoices. No one normal anyway. If you want insanely simple invoicing tool, try Slimvoice.co.    

The free tool allows you to create, manage, export, and send unlimited invoices, and see outstanding balances at a glance.



Contribution margin? Fully diluted basis? Down round? The world of start-ups is filled with jargon.

StartCards has all the definitions you need to know in an easy to use card format which you can either download for free and then print yourself, or get them on you mobile for a small cost.



I’m loving it. Think different. Impossible is nothing. Every company needs a catchy tagline, but not every company has loads to pay a marketing agency to come up with one.

Oneliners.co will help you crowd source a new or improved tagline for your company.

Simply tell them a bit about your company and what you want the tagline to convey about you, and let the public have their say.



If you need something creative made, before trying an expensive agency, see if someone on Fiverr.com will do it dirt cheap.

A hub of micro-transactions, people all around the world a willing help you in almost every areas of business marketing, including flyer and logo design, writing anything from ads to speeches, doing your website SEO, editing films, promoting your product to a vast Facebook audience, and much more.

Prices start at $5 for a basic product and increase for more perks such as 1 day turnaround. 

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