5 steps to a successful job interview

Sarah Moyes
5 steps to a successful job interview

An interviewer can decide whether you’re right for the job within the first few seconds, so making a good first impression is essential for a successful interview.

Turning up on time, being prepared to answer different questions and researching the company’s values and goals will set you up for a great start and reduce nervousness which comes with being underprepared.

Sarah White, an associate director and specialist in financial services for recruitment agency Hudson New Zealand, has provided us with some tips on how to perform well in an interview.

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First impressions count
Despite many workplaces adopting more casual and relaxed clothing in the office, to make a good first impression it’s important to dress in business attire. Also, make sure you introduce yourself well and acknowledge all the people in the room, as well as those who introduce you to the interviewers.

Don’t be late
Being punctual is very important and starts the interview off on the right foot. Often, interviewers will be seeing a lot of people that day so make sure you don’t waste their time. Being at least five minutes early for an interview is ideal.

Do your research
It is essential to be prepared for the interview, so read the job description, the company’s website, annual report and any recent media releases. As well as researching the company, find out more about your interviewer via LinkedIn. Prepare answers around the key competencies listed in the job description so you can confidently explain why you’re right for the position.

Take a list of questions to ask the interviewer
An interview is not only a way for the company to get to know you, but it is also your chance to learn more about the company. Make sure you write your questions down so you don’t forget them. Chances are they will be answered during the interview so make sure you have enough to show that you are interested in the position.

Tell the interviewer why the role is appealing to you
Make sure you tell the interviewer that you are genuinely interested in the position and why. Explain which areas of the job you think you’ll enjoy and what will challenge you.

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