3 easy ways to improve your business’ digital profile

Simon Pound
3 easy ways to improve your business’ digital profile

You don’t have to be a digital expert or social media maven, guru or wizard to get some immediate wins online for your business.

Simon Pound, Creative and Communications Director at Vend and Managing Director at Ingrid Starnes, shares three easy tips.


1. Claim your business on Google Business

You know when you’re out and about and you Google a business you’re looking for and it’s really great if the first result has the name, opening hours, an option to call, and directions to get there?

That super handy search result is a free service that you can get too through Google Business – and all you have to do is get on and claim your business. It’s quick, easy, and makes it possible for more of your customers to find you.

Here’s how to do it:

Jump on to Google Business, register your business and upload your hours, contact details, and a photo or two.

You will then get a postcard sent to you and simply enter the pin from that postcard and you’re in (more) business.


2. Use Intercom to turn website visitors into customers

Intercom is a service that allows you to put up a chat box on your website and create leads out of web traffic.

It has a few different branches to its offering: chat, messaging, support, and customer onboarding tools, but the one I find most useful is the chat service.

With chat you simply add a box up on your website with a customised message. You set rules about where it pops up, on what page, after how long or after what action.

For example, we have a custom made dress service at Ingrid Starnes. After someone has been on the custom made/bridal page for a few minutes we pop a chat from our staff member to ask if the page viewer has any questions about the process. It works really well.

Intercom also offers a cool and quite mesmerising way to view visitors to your website on a global map so you can see where your users are, and then search by location –which is very cool if you have an app or site that has lots of people holding accounts and you want to know more about them.


3. Get MailChimp

There has been a war going on amongst business apps and the winners are starting to emerge.

When it comes to the best way to stay in touch with your customers, build your mailing list, and turn online lookers into purchasers the winner for me is MailChimp.

You might ask ‘Why do you need an email tool?’ and ‘Who even cares about emails?’

Well, first, it will make you more money on your online store.

Let’s say you already have a mailing list and you already have an online store like Shopify. If you use MailChimp to its best you will be able to get more sales on Shopify with a few simple tricks.

Set up automatic cart abandonment emails so when someone adds your product to their cart in order to test shipping or daydream about buying it, you’ll be able to automatically email them with offers and ways to nurture them to purchase.

And it will also get you more email addresses from your website visitors.

MailChimp offers a simple pop-up that you can set for your website to grow your customer database.

As Facebook and Google have become places where you have to pay to get any posts out to your fans and followers, now emails are becoming more important again.

Although it might not seem like the most sophisticated way to get details, the old pop-up thrown up by your website when people try to leave is hard to beat.

The instructions to do both these things and to link your online store to MailChimp are all online and are so easy even I could do it. You’ll be fine!

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