2016: The year optimists get payback

Peter Townsend, CEO CECC
2016: The year optimists get payback

22 February 2016 was a time to reflect and a time to look forward in the context of the traumatic events of 2010/11.

The 5th anniversary brought back a lot of mixed memories, but it was also a time to look forward with certainty and optimism.


A big year aheadPeter Townsend

2016 will be the year we reach the 50% mark in the context of total reconstruction of infrastructure, commercial builds, and housing stock.

It is the year we will see a big step up in the relocation of businesses and hundreds of people, back into the heart of the city into modern efficient new buildings.

It is also the year that SCIRT will complete its horizontal infrastructure work programme.

We will continue to spend $100 million per week every week and it is currently anticipated that we will be 80% of the way through reconstruction by mid-2018, so there is still much to be done.

In my opinion, 2016 will be the year the optimists get payback, and I am one of them.


Peter Townsend, CEO CECC

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