What is Masterpass?

Masterpass™ is a digital wallet that stores your credit or debit card information and your shipping address, then pre-loads that information for you when you reach the checkout online. With no need to refer to your physical payment card, Masterpass makes the process faster as well as more secure, thanks to multiple security levels.

You can load all your Westpac debit and credit cards to your Masterpass account, then choose the one you want at the checkout.

There is no cost for setting up and using the MasterPass other than your standard debit and credit card rates and fees.

How it works.


Sign up and set up

Set up your Masterpass account on the Masterpass website. Store your personal information, your card information and the physical address you want to get packages delivered to.

You can load any credit or debit card onto your Masterpass account - so you can load more than one card.
Set up on the Masterpass website

Look for Masterpass at the checkout

At the online checkout look for the ‘Buy with Masterpass' button, sign in, then choose from your stored card numbers and shipping details. Complete your purchase, and you’re done – simple and secure.

Masterpass is secure.

Masterpass has multi-tiered security: both a sign-in to Masterpass at checkout and an added layer of security in the form of a personal security message only you should recognise. This helps to avoid phishing scams, and keep you safe.

Want more? You can add an extra layer of security by enabling Mobile Verification in your Wallet Preferences on the Masterpass site, which means you’ll be sent a 4-digit verification code to your mobile phone during checkout.

Things you should know.

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