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STEP 1: Select your serial number type*

Please select from the options below the serial number type that applies to your specific requirement.

, means your serial number remains the same.
, means your serial number increases as you go through the deposit book. Please enter the last serial number from your current deposit book.
, (select this option if you require a deposit book for your local District Court, High Court etc).
Your serial number is made up of six digits, the first 3 digits are the site code and the last 3 are a sequential reference. Eg. 248715, (248 = Levin District Court and 715 = a sequential reference).
, means you do not require a serial number on your deposit books. Please skip step 2.

STEP 2: Your Last Serial Number*

Please enter the 6 digit serial number from the last deposit slip in your last deposit book.

NOTE: If your serial number appears to be less than 6 digits eg. 10 please enter leading zeros.

Serial number is the first block of digits before the account number
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