Youth Financial Education

If you’re interested in helping to improve the financial capability of young New Zealanders, take a look at our educational resources designed especially with young people in mind.

  1. Zombie Cash-tastrophe

    It’s an interactive and fun way to help improve the financial capability of Kiwi teens.

  2. Workshops

    Find out about upcoming Managing your Money workshops in your community, or register your interest here and we’ll contact you to see how we can help.

  3. Resources

    Take a look at the other online tools and resources we have available, to help teach young people more about money.

  4. CashNav


    Our free new money management app that lets you see what you spend to get what you want.

  5. Summary of financial terms

    Sometimes the language of money can be tricky to understand. Take a look at our Financial Terms Summary to help you get your head around some of the key concepts.