Your life stage

Whatever your stage in life or personal circumstances, we’ve collected some helpful resources and tools to help you manage your money more effectively. It’s all in your hands, in your own time. 

  1. mym kids and teens

    Kids and teens

    If you’re a parent of a young child or teen, it’s great you’ve arrived here. Check out what we have to offer as well as tips for teaching your kids about money.

  2. mym school leavers

    School Leaver Pacs

    Finished school? Thinking about your next move and how you’re going to conquer the world? No matter your plan, we’ve got some great packages so you can focus on your tertiary studies or that new job.

  3. mym graduate pac

    Graduate Pac

    Congratulations on finishing your tertiary study and graduating! The Grad Pac is designed to help graduates transition from life as a student or apprentice to the exciting world of full-time employment and everything it brings.

  4. hl first home

    Home buyers

    Purchasing a home can be a challenging yet rewarding journey. Here are some tips and tools to help you on your way.

  5. mym 65 Plus

    Age 65+

    Over 65? Take a look at what we offer for our Super Gold customers.

  6. mym longer term financial future

    Longer-term financial future

    It’s important to consider saving for a rainy day and plan for long-term financial needs, such as retirement. Here is some useful links to help.

  7. mym deceased estates

    Deceased Estates

    If you've recently suffered a loss, we understand that it can be a very difficult time. Our Deceased Estates Team are here to help.