Westpac Employee Pac

The District Health Board (DHB) has got together with Westpac to create the ‘Employee Pac’. The DHB Package offers special savings on Westpac's popular products and services to DHB permanent employees. Check it out below. 


Day to day banking account

As a Westpac Employee Pac customer you could enjoy savings on your day to day banking. 

With this package you can choose from a range of day-to-day transaction accounts. Click here for a a full list.

You can also use our account chooser tool to help you decide.

Plus choose a Westpac MasterCard or Visa

Westpac Employee Pac - MasterCard or Visa reduced fee
* Fee waiver applies only if additional card is applied for at the same time as the original credit card
** Excludes Westpac Low Interest MasterCard or Westpac’s business MasterCards
Card typeAnnual feeAdditional card fee*Potential savings
hotpoints Credit Card Account** First year free First year free $44 annual fee + $15 additional card
Platinum MasterCard** First year free First year free $125 annual fee + $15 additional card
DebitPlus Visa First year free n/a $10 annual fee

Personal loan benefits

No establishment fee - saving you up to $250.  Plus, get a discount off our standard interest rates.

Insurance benefits

  • 10% discount on home, contents, vehicle and boat cover insurance premiums.***
  • 7.5% discount on life and home loan protection insurance premiums

Home loan benefits

  • No establishment fee on your Choices home loan - saving you up to $400.
  • No redocumentation fee if you change or renew your Choices home loan to a fixed, capped or floating rate loan – saving you up to $250.
  • A discount off our standard interest rate depending on your loan amount and your loan type – that makes it an even more competitive deal against the market rate.
How to apply


To take advantage of the Employee Pac, all you need to do is:

  • direct credit your salary or wages to a personal Westpac account
  • sign our Employee Pac agreement
  • stay with your current employer as a permanent employee

Then just sit back and enjoy the savings.

To switch

Please contact one of the following Westpac staff:

Kim Jackson
Personal Manager
196 Devon St, New Plymouth
Tel: +64 6 759 7877
Email: kim_jackson@westpac.co.nz

Glenys Paterson
Mobile Mortgage Manager
196 Devon St, New Plymouth
Tel: +64 6 759 7873
Email: glenys_paterson@westpac.co.nz

Sarah Hall
Bank Manager
Devon Mall, New Plymouth
Tel: +64 6 759 7854
Email: sarah_hall@westpac.co.nz

Richard Martin
Bank Manager
196 Devon St, New Plymouth
Tel: +64 6 759 7889
Email: richard_martin@westpac.co.nz

Ben Olijkan 
Branch Manager
Tel: +64 3 353 0616 (Ext: 36616)
Fax: +64 3 353 0601
Mobile: +64 27 505 9298
Email: ben_olijkan@westpac.co.nz
Scott Wagenvoord
Bank Manager
The Palms Branch
Tel: +64 3 385 0602 (Ext: 39202)
Fax: +64 3 385 0601
Mobile: +64 27 484 1181
Email: scott_wagenvoord@westpac.co.nz
Paul Talbot
Bank Manager
Upper Riccarton
Tel: +64 3 343 7682 (Ext: 36682)
Fax: +64 3 343 9668
Mobile: +64 275 059 292
Email: paul_talbot@westpac.co.nz