At Westpac, we’re all about helping Kiwis grow and this year’s Money Week was all about Weathering Financial Storms - getting prepared for the big “what ifs” in life. It’s such an important topic that a lot of Kiwis aren’t prepared for – so it was an ideal time for Kiwis to reflect on their financial situation, and explore tools and resources that could help improve their financial capability.

Money Week is an annual event organised by the Commission for Financial Capability (the team responsible for

We had plenty of exciting activities during Money Week including our very own quiz on weathering financial storms plus our first series of exciting webinars!

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    Financial Storm Quiz

    We've created a quiz to help you check how ready you are to weather financial storms. Take the quiz now.

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    Managing Your Money Webinars

    We’re introducing webinars so you can learn how to weather financial storms from the comfort of your own home.

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    Check out the Sorted website for more great resources to help you get sorted with your finances today.

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    Managing Your Money

    Find out how Westpac's helping Kiwis manage their money, go to Westpac's Managing Your Money guides.

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