Pete was struggling after losing his partner

When Pete’s wife, Sue, passed away he felt his world crumble. Not only was he grieving, he now had two children to care for on his own. On top of that, without Sue’s income, Pete was struggling to keep up with their mortgage and credit card payments. Pete felt overwhelmed. He knew he needed help but didn’t know where to start.

How we helped Pete manage on one income

When Pete came into the branch to change some account information, he mentioned to one of our team members, Kim, that Sue had passed away a few weeks ago.

Listening to Pete’s story, Kim knew she needed to help: any one of us could be in Pete’s shoes one day, she thought.

Kim helped Pete contact the Deceased Estates team to settle Sue’s affairs. Kim then helped Pete complete a Financial Hardship application and submitted it to the Financial Solutions team. The next day, Pete received a call from Thomas. After chatting, Pete and Thomas worked out how Westpac might help. They decided to assist Pete with his mortgage payments and offered him a payment holiday while he got sorted.

Are you struggling to repay a Westpac loan or credit card after a death in the family? We know this is a very emotional and upsetting time, and we will do what we can to help.

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