How we helped Hannah cover her bills

Hannah visited our website and saw she had a few options available, from applying for a personal loan to getting a low-interest rate credit card. What she decided was best for her was to top up her home loan.

Even when we plan and budget and put money away for a rainy day, sometimes life hits us with too many expenses at once. At Westpac we understand that life gets in the way of the best made plans. We have created solutions to help you get over these temporary gaps.

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Two big bills put the pressure on Hannah

A mum-of-two, Hannah stuck to a tight budget. Every month she paid her bills and put some away, but when her car broke down at the same time as the kid’s school fees were due, she realised she would not have the money to pay both.

After looking again at her budget, she realised if she spread out the payment she would be able to manage. She just needed some help to get her over the hump.