Emma needed help when her relationship ended  

When Emma’s relationship ended, she was left to cover the rent and a personal loan on her own. She tried her best to cut expenses and live on the bare necessities but her income still wasn’t enough to cover everything. Emma was starting to fall behind on her personal loan payments and didn’t know what to do.

How we helped Emma get back on top of her loan

After visiting our website, Emma called the Financial Solutions team on 0800 772 771. Even though she found it hard to talk about what had happened, our specialist Chris listened carefully to her, and with genuine empathy.

He understood what Emma was going through, and helped her to complete a Financial Hardship application. From here the Financial Solutions team were able to review things with Emma, and agreed to reduce her payments to fit what she could now afford.

Are you struggling to repay a Westpac loan or credit card after a relationship break up? We may be able to help.

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