Managing your credit report

A credit check is done to help us decide whether or not to lend you credit.

When you apply for credit - anything from a home loan, car finance or a credit card, we may need your consent to obtain your credit report from a credit bureau (a company that collects everyone’s credit information).

Changes to the  Credit Reporting Privacy Code mean that credit providers (including banks, phone and power companies) can now share more information with credit bureaus about your credit and repayment history. Credit bureaus can then pass this on when lenders run a credit check.

What does it mean?

  • if you make your home loan, power or credit card payments by the due date, this will appear on your credit report and could make it even easier for you to get credit
  • if you miss a payment though, this will also end up on your credit report and your access to credit may be limited

What can you do to improve your credit report?

The good news! We’ve got some helpful tips to build a good credit report:


For more information talk to us on 0800 400 600 or check out the Privacy Commissioner website.