Budgeting and saving

You’ve got a financial goal in mind, but how on earth do you get there? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve selected some helpful budgeting tools such as calculators and innovative new mobile apps, which can help you plan and track your savings goals.

  1. CashNav


    Our free new money management app that lets you see what you spend to get what you want.

  2. mym budget calculators

    Budget Calculators

    Use our budget calculator to assess your income and expenditure. It will help you create a personal budget or review your outgoings.

  3. westpac one banking

    Westpac One®. It’s easy, fast, smart online banking.

    You’ll love the freedom Westpac One® gives you. Take a look at the smart new features and capabilities Westpac One offers, and enjoy a better online banking experience.

  4. Salary Splitter

    Salary Splitter

    Salary Splitter allows you to automatically split your salary into as many as 6 different Westpac accounts, so it’s easier to manage your expenses and keep track of your hard earned cash. Set it up for Free today and to switch your account to Westpac online.

  5. mym reducing your account costs

    Reducing your account costs

    We've got some simple tips to help you reduce banking costs and fees.

  6. mym managing your credit report

    Managing your credit report

    A credit check is done to help us decide whether or not to lend you credit.