KiwiSaver for your children

Give your children a head start in life. You can set up KiwiSaver for them whenever you like – and the sooner you start contributing to their KiwiSaver account, the sooner they'll be able to benefit from compounding returns. So the easier it will be for your children to save enough for a first home or a happy retirement. 

How to set your children up with the Westpac KiwiSaver Scheme

  • Contact Westpac directly (this can't be done through an employer).

If they’re under 16:

  • All legal guardians must give their consent and provide appropriate identification.

If they’re aged 16 or 17:

  • At least one legal guardian must co-sign the application form with the teenager.

Making payments

Children under 18, not working:

  • You and your child can both make voluntary contributions whenever you like.

Children under 18, working:

  • Teenagers aged under 18 who start working will need to make contributions like any other KiwiSaver member. After a year of making contributions, they can take a savings suspension.

Once they turn 18:

  • They can qualify for Government contributions and employer contributions if they’re working and meet other eligibility criteria.