Get advice

Having the right information and advice is vital when you’re investing. So here are some places we recommend to get more information and professional advice.

If you’re new to investing, we recommend reading all of the information under this section, 'What’s investing?'. That will give you a basic understanding of how investing works and what to look out for.


The Government has a comprehensive website packed with information about setting goals, planning your future and investing.

Go to for an independent perspective on investments.

Always read any applicable Product Disclosure Statement or Term Sheet

Most investments have a comprehensive applicable Product Disclosure Statement or Term Sheet that you should read before you invest. The applicable Product Disclosure Statement and Term Sheet give you the details about the investment, who offers it and what the potential risks and rewards might be.

Get professional advice

A Westpac Financial Adviser can sit down with you, take the time to understand your goals and help you develop a sound investment strategy to achieve these. It’s important to talk to someone who is qualified to help you.

Westpac has over 50 Financial Advisers who help clients build wealth and secure a strong financial future. You can meet them all here.