Wrap Services

Our Wrap Service provides a streamlined, cost efficient administration and investment service for affluent and high net worth individuals, trusts and charitable organisations with a larger portion of assets to invest.

Key Benefits

Our Wrap Service offers you:

  • a high class investment service
  • access to the world’s leading investment managers
  • a customised investment solution
  • a portfolio of single sector funds tailored to your needs

Your Westpac Financial Adviser will assess your needs, goals and attitude towards financial risk to determine which blend of investments is right for you. The Wrap Service can be tailored to your requirements depending on the complexity of your financial needs and your current portfolio.

Our investment specialists

We have a team of specialists who are responsible for portfolio construction and monitoring of securities available in the Wrap Service.

Investments available on the Wrap Service include a range of funds managed by BT Funds Management (NZ) Limited (‘BT’). BT is one of New Zealand’s leading fund managers and incorporates the skills and expertise of BT’s own teams as well as those of global investment managers.

The underlying investments are managed by specialist investment managers, selected on the basis of their expertise, investment style and track record.


Our investment process

A disciplined and active approach

Our investment process focuses on insightful and high quality research. We believe that a disciplined and active approach to investing, together with broad diversification across asset classes, securities and investing styles will help our customers achieve long-term wealth creation.

Specially selected Investment Managers

We believe in a multi-manager approach. We outsource security selection to specialist investment managers, both locally and globally, that we consider to be the strongest in each particular asset class.

Stronger risk-adjusted investment returns

We aim to deliver stronger risk adjusted returns for our customers by including a wide variety of investment processes and strategies into the portfolios using a multi manager approach.

Active not passive management

We believe that markets are somewhat inefficient and portfolios can be structured to take advantage of dislocations and opportunities. We apply this belief using an active approach to security selection and asset allocation. We believe that the best active managers will beat the market in the long run.

A team of dedicated investment professionals

We have a team of dedicated investment professionals, whose responsibilities are spread across Portfolio Construction, Asset Allocation, Manager Selection, Blending and Portfolio Implementation.