Westpac Active Series

The Westpac Active Series is a range of unit trusts that make it easy for you to invest, each with a sophisticated investment strategy.

This investment option might be suitable for you if you want:

  • access to a series of managed fund investment options, each with a different mix of assets, making it easy for you to invest in your future
  • access to some of the best fund managers in New Zealand and around the world
  • flexibility to make regular and lump sum investments, or make regular and lump sum withdrawals on all or part of your investment
  • a PIE fund, where you are taxed at your PIR.

Download the Product Disclosure Statement and learn more about this investment option below.

  1. options

    Your Investment Options & Underlying Managers

    The Westpac Active Series has four funds to choose from, each with a different mix of assets to suit your risk appetite and timeframes.

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    Westpac Active Series Fund Updates

    Keep up to date with your investment with our quarterly fund updates.

  3. faq

    Other Information

    View the performance across the Westpac Active Series investment options, the latest available unit prices and the Westpac Retail Trusts Annual Report.

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    Investing and Withdrawing

    View the minimum investment amounts for the Westpac Active Series.