Corporate Bond Fund

A PIE fund that invests in a range of New Zealand fixed interest securities issued by corporate entities.

It may be suitable for you if you want:

  • easy access to a diversified range of corporate bonds and fixed interest securities
  • a PIE fund, so your investment will be taxed at your PIR

The Corporate Bond Fund is available under the Premium Investment Fund range. For more information on the Corporate Bond Fund, see below and download the Product Disclosure Statement.

Investing in the Fund

Investing in the Fund

The Manager of the Corporate Bond Fund ('the Fund') is BT Funds Management (NZ) Limited ('BT'). As Manager, BT may employ specialist underlying investment managers to manage specific assets. Currently, BT does not utilise any external managers for this Fund.
The initial investment is $5,000. After this, you have the flexibility to make regular payments, pay in lump sums, or do both. In normal circumstances, you can also withdraw all or part of your investment at any time (subject to any applicable minimums).

Investment type Minimum investment
Lump sum investments $5,000 minimum balance – $500 per lump sum.
Regular investments $1,200 per year – choose to pay this weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or quarterly (provided you hold the minimum balance of $5,000).
Fund Updates Other information

Unit Prices

The money you invest in the Corporate Bond Fund buys units. The value of each unit is called the unit price. Unit prices are generally calculated daily.

For the latest available unit prices call 0800 738 641 (8am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday).

Download the historical exit unit prices (PDF)

Annual Report

Download the Westpac Premium Investment Funds Annual Report for 2019 here.

Download the Westpac Premium Investment Funds Annual Report for 2018 here.

Download the Westpac Premium Investment Funds Annual Report for 2017 here.